Public Events

  • BCC Active Parks Sailing & Kayaking 13 Feb 2021 - Wynnum - (run by SAILS at Bayside)
    Breakwater Park
  • SAILS at Bayside - Public Event - Sailing & Kayaking 13 March 2021 - WYNNUM
    Breakwater Park
  • SAILS at Bayside - Public Event - Sailing & Kayaking 10 April 2021 - Cleveland
    Raby Bay Foreshore Park
  • BCC Active Parks Sailing & Kayaking 15 May 2021 - Wynnum - (run by SAILS at Bayside)
    Breakwater Park

Private Events

SAILS Private (Closed) Events are usually held mid-week and are in partnership with Community Youth Support Organisations or other Specialist Support organisations. The timing and format of these events (Sailing only, Kayaking only, or Sailing & Kayaking) can be adapted to suit the needs of the participants.

The dates of these programmes are mutually agreed upon based on availability of SAILS at Bayside team members, prior event comittments, venue access and tide suitability.  For more information, please contact the Sailing and Kayaking Programme Coordinator by Email: 

Upcoming Private Events



9:30 am - 1:30 pm

Event Status - ON

as at  8:45 pm  15/1/21


Brisbane Weather Forecast - BOM

Event Status

Update available on the morning of the event, as to whether it will be proceeding or not based on the prevailing weather.

(also available on Facebook and Twitter)

More Event Information

Wynnum Sailing

Breakwater Park

across from

23/25 Waterloo Esplanade, Wynnum QLD 4178

Manly Sailing

Darling Point Sailing Squadron

16 Trafalgar St, Manly QLD 4179

Cleveland Sailing

Foreshore Park

Across from 105 Masthead Dr, Cleveland QLD 4163

Event Information

Depending on the day:


· up to 4 catamarans are operational, each under the supervision of a skipper. They cater for 2-3 participants depending on boat size. Participants are encouraged to learn basic skills associated with sailing and are given an

opportunity to do so if they wish.


· 14 Viking Nemo sit-on-top kayaks are available for use and these are always under the supervision of qualified kayak lifeguards.

SAILS at Bayside

The Corporation of The Synod of The Diocese of Brisbane, Manly Parish, S.A.I.L.S at Bayside

Phone: 07 3137 0000

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